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Shepherd Software Wants to Partner With You as your Web Host!

We employ the highest quality craftsmanship and the newest technologies available to empower you with a variety of ways to market your ideas and merchandise on the Internet. This is our 20th year in web hosting / software development, and both have been pointed to new business startups and folks with something to say.  We cater to those who aren’t interested in using the typical ‘build-your-own-site’ design interfaces that can be confusing and complicated so we also have contract staff available who are skilled page designers.  We can also offer E-Commerce packages with multi-page static sites for the display of your products.  In addition, using our mail services can give you Contact pages that are addressed to a direct contact with your firm or any other person you would prefer.  With your choice of graphics that compliment your theme and that help tell your story, we can fabricate a site that can become all that you would wish to say.